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Alex Aalberg, Sgt. '78 Plainfield, CT Retired
Nelson Abarzua, TFC '85 Prospect, CT Retired
Patrick Achilli, TFC '80 Sherman, ME Retired
David Aflalo, Lt. '89 -- Active
Kevin Albanese, Tpr. '94 -- Active
James Allen, TFC '77 Rocky Hill, CT Retired
Michael Alogna, SGT '94 -- Active
Steven Alvey, Lt. '87 Middlebury, CT Retired
Jayne Anderson, TFC '82 Ocean Isle Beach, NC Retired
Colleen Anuszewski, TFC '94 -- Active
Giancarlo Ardolino, Tpr. '04 -- Active
William Aulerich, Sgt. '87 Pomfret Center, CT Retired
Fred Avery, Sgt. '55 Uncasville, CT Deceased
William Baldwin, Sgt '87 -- Active
Gail Balzano, Disp '85 Cape Coral, FL Retired
Frank Barbieri, Tpr '57 Portland, ME Retired
Don Barbour Jr., TFC '67 Stonington, CT Deceased
John Bardelli, Col. '66 Watertown, CT Retired
Dave Barger, MSgt '76 Falls Village, CT Retired
Gene Baron, TFC '89 Oxford, CT Retired
Nick Barone, Det. '67 Apex, NC Retired
Ralph (Jim) Barnes, TFC '77 Waterford, CT Retired
Eugene Baron, TFC '67 Ansonia, CT Retired
Ken Barton, Sgt. '67 Meriden, CT Retired
Tim Barry, Col. '80 Southbury, CT Retired
Dave Bates, Det. '72 High Springs, FL Retired
David Bastedo, Sgt. '70-2 Wesley Chapel, FL Retired
Jim Bausch, Det. '62 Warren, CT & Florida Retired
Dan Bavosi, Tpr. '98 -- Active
David Beare, TFC '76 Kent, CT Retired
Tim Begley, Sgt '01 - - Active
Horace Behrle, TFC '70-1 Ansonia, CT Retired
Stanley Benedetto, TFC '72 Stratford, CT  Former
Shawn Benoit, Tpr. '12 -- Active
Tom Bennett, Sgt. '62 Seymour, CT Retired
Ron Bergin, Sgt. '66 Naugatuck, CT Retired
Brian Beshara, Tpr. '01 -- Active
Robert Bibeau, Tpr. ' Myrtle Beach, SC Retired
Joseph Biela, Sgt. '87 -- Active
Joseph Bieluch, TFC '67 New Hartford, CT Retired
Fred Bird, Sgt. '?? Ellington, CT Retired
Robert Birge, TFC '70-1 Waterford, CT Retired
Jacob Bissailon, Tpr. '04 -- Active
Ken Bissonnette, Det. '75 Cooper City, Florida Retired
Wilfred Blanchette, Maj. '62 Groton, CT Retired
Wilfred Blanchette III, Sgt. '01 -- Active
Kevin Bodge, TFC '90 -- Active
Anthony Bonacum, Sgt 70-2 Mulberry, FL Retired
Colleen Bonker, CIV-HQ '99 -- Active
Kevin Boulier, Sgt '94 --- Active
William Bowyer, TFC '87 Waterford, CT Retired
Robert Boyden, TFC '61 Kent, CT Deceased
Shawn Boyne, Lt. '87 -- Active
James Brady, Det. '87 -- Active
Jim Breen, Tpr. '73 Nottingham, NH Former
Joe Brennan, TFC '72 Old Saybrook, CT Retired
Vincent Brennan, Lt. '57 Ft. Myers, FL Retired
William Brennan, Tpr. '98 Suffield, CT Retired
Eric Breuer, TFC '82 Davenport, FL Retired
William Bridges, TFC '70-1 Meriden, CT Retired
Manfred Brideau, Maj. '72 Shelton, CT Retired
Timothy Brink, Tpr. '04 -- Active
Joe Brooks, TFC '74 Norwich, CT Retired
Clayton Brown, Lt '97 -- Active
Tim Brown, Mech '76 Oakdale, CT Deceased
Richard Brozec, Lt '64 Wallingford, CT Retired
Ed Brunt, Lt. '76 Madison, CT Retired
J. Edward Brymer, Lt. '66 Wethersfield, CT Retired
Tony Buglione, Det. '?? -, CT Retired
Keith Buinauskas, TFC '94 -- Active
William Bundy, Sgt '94 -- Active
George "Bunny" Bunnell, Tpr. '49 Barre, VT Deceased
Richard Burgarella, Sgt. '98 -- Retired
Andrew Burke, Tpr. '95 -- Active
Jack Burke, Lt. '65 Dayville, CT Retired
Michael Burke, Tpr. '93 -- Active
Fred Burkhardt, Capt. '52 Las Cruces, NM Retired
William Burtis, TFC '82 -- Active
John Butkevicius, TFC '97 --- CT Active
James Butterworth, Sgt. '74 N. Branford, CT Retired
Erik Byberg, Tpr. '62 Sebring, FL Deceased
Phil Cameron, Lt. '72 Windsor, CT Retired
Jeffrey Campbell, Tpr. '99 -- Active
Jose Campos, Det. '90 -- Active
David Carey, Det. '68 Harwinton, CT Retired
James Carney, Tpr. '91 Litchfield, NH Former
Peter Carnrick, TFC '72 Norwalk, CT Retired
Patrick Carozza, TFC '89 -- Active
Ralph Carpenter, Maj. '80 Canton, CT Retired
John Carter III, TFC '88 -- Active
Mario Caruso, TFC '87 -- Active
Jason Cassavechia, TFC '00 -- Active
Richard Casella, Tpr. '95 -- Active
Mark Cassista, Cpt '88 Westbrook, CT Retired
James Castonguay, Sgt. '79 New Hartford, CT Retired
John Ceruti, Sgt. '99 -- Active
Patrick Cauley, Det. '95 -- Active
Allen Chaffee, Tpr. '70-1 Tucson, AZ Former
Steve Chapman, Tpr. '02 -- Active
Gerry Chartier, Sgt. '61 Woodstock, CT Retired
Wallace Chase, Civ. '08 -- Active
James Chayer, Civ. '65 Clifton Forge, VA Former
Daryll Christensen, Det. '90 -- Active
Chris Christopoulos, TFC '70-1 Wallingford, CT Deceased
Anthony Cipriano, TFC '95 Troop A Active
Bill Clark, Det. '74 FL Retired
Ron Clark, Sgt. '71 Middlebury, CT Retired
Jose Claudio, Sgt. '90 -- Active
Rod Clement, TFC '66 Port St. Lucie, FL Retired
Matt Comeau, TFC '98 -- Active
Kevin Connelly, Det. '80 Lakeland, FL Retired
Sean Connelly, Tpr. '06 -- Active
Richard Connors, TFC. '72 Seymour, CT Retired
Francis Conroy, Lt. '86 -- Active
George Constantine, Capt. '74 Waterford, CT Retired
Michael Cope, TFC '70 Bozrah, CT Deceased
Barbara Cordell, Tpr. '85 Preston, CT Retired
David Corker, Tpr. '66 Glendale, AZ Former
Levi "Ben" Cornell, TFC '60 Mansfield, CT Deceased
Jeff Correia, DET '75 Wallingford, CT Retired
Robert Corona, LTC '85 -- Retired
John Covello, Sgt. '89 -- Active
Richard Covello, Maj. '68 Plymouth, CT Retired
James Covey, Det. '87 -- Active
Sean Cox, Lt. 102nd Columbia, CT Retired
Anthony Cretella, .TFC '94 Wallingford, CT Retired
Jim Cronin, Det. '67 Glastonbury, CT Retired
Don Crouch, Sgt. '66 Norwich, CT Deceased
Joe Crowley, Civ. '78 New Britain, CT Former Comm'r Aide
John Culpin, Sgt. '84 Lebanon, CT Retired
Kevin Curry, Tpr. '94 -- Active
Matthew Cusak, Det. '72 Deep River, CT Retired
Leonard Cusson, Det. '54 Danielson, CT Deceased
Paul Cusson, Det. '72 Westbrook, CT Retired
Massimo D'Elia, TFC '97 -- Active
Ed Dailey, Lt. '66 Longboat Key Fl & Holland Ma. Retired
Jim Daloisio, Tpr. '70-2 Carpinteria, CA Former
Dan Daly, TFC '69 Grande Isle, VT Retired
Ed Daly, Det.(MVD) '85 Vernon, CT Active MVD
Marianne Daly, Lt. '84 -- Active
Gene DAngelo, Det. '84 Southington, CT Retired
Michael Darcy, Cpt. '88 -- Active
George Davis, Tech. '65 Woodstock, CT Retired
Michael Davis, Sgt. '94 -- Active
Warren Davis, TFC '63 Colchester, CT Deceased
Thomas Davoren, Col. '84 Norwich, CT Retired
Richard Day, Cpt. '60 Little River, SC Retired
Gene DAngelo, Det. '84 Southington, CT Retired
Edward Joe Decker, TFC '87 Somers, CT Retired
Daniel DeJesus, Tpr. '08 -- Active
Nick DeJohn, TFC '74 -- Active
Vincent DeLia, Disp. '98 -- Active
Rupert de los Reyes, TFC '87 -- Retired
Dominic Del Torto, TFC '98 - Active
Bernard DePrimo, Sgt. '64 Southbury, CT Retired
Vincent DeRosa, DepCmr '82 Bethlehem, CT Retired
Tad Derouin, TFC '79 -- Active
Rob Derry, Tpr. '95 -- Active
Robert DesJardin, Det. '00 -- Active
Greg DesLandes, Det. '84 Killingly, CT Retired
Joseph DeStefano, Sgt. '72 Oakville, CT Retired
John Dewey, Lt. '62 Cheshire, CT Retired
John Ditta, TFC '74 Wallingford, CT Retired
Frank Dlugokinski, Tpr. '62 Litchfield, CT Retired
James Dolan, MSgt '88 Southington, CT  Retired
Mark Dowgiewicz, TFC '82 Webster Ma, Naples FL Retired
Fred Downs, TFC '66 Lyndhurst, VA Retired
Patrick Dragon, Tpr. '98 -- Active
Jerry Drugonis, Cpt '60 Pittsfield, VT Retired
Jack Drumm, MSgt '79 Chief, Madison PD (CT) Retired
Dean DuBois, Tpr. '95 His RV Retired
John Duley, Lt. -- Killingworth, CT Retired
Mark Dumas, Det. '87 Celebration, FL Retired
Tim Dumas, Sgt. '77 Durham, CT Retired
Thomas Duncan, Sgt. '92 -- Active
Terry Dunn, Sgt. '78 -- Active
Jim Dwyer, TFC '70-1 Milford, CT Deceased
Howard Eckels, Det. '69 No.Haven, CT  Deceased
Robert Eddy, Lt. '88 Essex, CT Retired
Stephen Elovirta, TFC '92 -- Active
Don Elmendorf, TFC '87 -- Active
Paul Ernst, Sgt. '65 Milford, CT Retired
Tom Eucalitto, TFC '68 Torrington, CT Deceased
Robert Evangelista, Tpr. '98 -- Active "D"
Matthew Ewing, Tpr. '06 -- Active
Paul & Kathy Farley, Disp '76 Willimantic, CT Retired
Joseph Faughnan, Maj. '67 Naples, FL Retired
William Flynn, TFC '68 E. Granby, CT Retired
Bryan Ferrucci, Det. '99 -- Active
Barbara Festa-Brown, Lt '94 -- Active
Paul Fitzgerald, Cpt. '76 Vernon, CT Retired
Chuck Flynn, Off. Old Lyme '-- -- Active
John Foley, Sgt. '68 Tolland, CT Deceased
Michael Foley, Det. '74 Simsbury, CT Retired
Michael Foley, Sgt. '93 -- Active
Michael Fosque, TFC '89 Clinton, CT Deceased
Chester Fowler, Tpr. '07 -- Active
Thomas Fragale, TFC '73 Torrington, CT Retired
Santo Franzo, TFC '73 Columbia, CT Retired
Roger Frechette, TFC '72 Bozrah, CT Retired
Joseph Froehlich, MSgt. '82 Willington, CT Retired
LJ Fusaro, Lt '94 -- Active
Patrick Gaffney, Sgt. '82 -- CT Retired
Paul Galietti, TFC '90 Southbury, CT Retired
Thomas Garbedian, Cpt. '86 -- Active
Richard Garcia, Det. '92 Trumbull, CT/td> Retired
Richard Gardner, TFC '73 Branford, CT Deceased
Carole Garreau, Civ '74 Colchester, CT Retired
Jay Gaughan, TFC '89 -- Active
Paul Gately, MSgt. '90 -- Retired
Robert Gawe, Sgt. '74 Bridgewater, CT Retired
Joseph Gazek, Tpr. '57 Hendersonville, NC Retired
Troy Gelinas, TFC '93 -- Active
Ken Gembel, Disp. '89 Mobile, AL Former
Faith Gentile, Civ. '86 Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Retired
Joseph Gerbino, Tpr. '01 -- Active
Lawrence Gibeault, Lt. '78 Alexandria, VA Retired
Michael Gignac, Det. '87 -- Active
James Gilman, Sgt '95 Stonington, CT Retired
Vincent Gogluicci, Tpr. '01 -- Active
Dan Goslicki, Sgt '66 Plainville, CT Retired
Grant Gould, Sgt '72 Madison, CT Retired
Noah Gouveia, Tpr. '98 -- Active
Martin Graham, TFC '82 Brooklyn, CT Retired
Michael Graham, Det. '68 Centerbrook, CT Retired
Mark Grasso, Sgt. '94 -- Active
Marc Grandpre, Tpr. '94 Prospect, CT Retired
Roe Granger, Tpr/Insp. '66 -- Active
Michael Gravel, TFC '85 -- Active
Daniel Greenwood, Tpr. '07 -- Active
Robert Grega, Sgt '86 -- Active
Erik Grosof, Off. OLPD. -- Alexandria, VA Former
Christoper Guari, Det. '87 -- Active
Carlo Guerra, TFC '92 -- Active
Paul Guillot, Lt. '61 N. Grosvenordale, CT Retired
Gene Gutknecht, Det. '67  Englewood, FL Retired
Thomas Guyette, Sgt. '78 Wolcott, CT Retired
Ken Hall, TFC '88 Hartford, CT LODD
Stephen Hall, Sgt. '88 -- Active
Joe Hammer, TFC '66 Port St. Lucie, FL Retired
J. Dean Hammond, TFC '70-1 Lakeville, CT Deceased
Douglas Hanahan, Lt. '66 West Haven, CT Retired
James Hanrahan, Tpr. '79 Parkland, FL Former
Rob Hart, TFC. '89 -- Active
Ron Hart, Det. '68 Portsmouth, RI Retired
Robert Hathaway, TFC '69 Vernon, CT Retired
William Hawks, Det. '72 Jewett City, CT  Retired
George Heg, Sgt. '63 Hobe Sound, FL Retired
Thomas Heinssen, Lt. '88 Old Saybrook, CT Retired
Lou Heller, Sgt '79 -- Active
William Henderson, TFC '93 Norwich, CT Retired
Dan Herman, TFC '90 St. Augustine, FL Retired
John Herman, Lt. '72 -- Active
Bill Hickey, Sgt. '47 Manchester, CT Deceased
Christopher High, Tpr. '00 -- Active
George Hoagland, Tpr. '73 Willington, CT Retired
Michael Hofbauer, Sgt. '90 -- Active
Eric Hoffman, Sgt. '90 -- Active
Tom Hogarty, LT '79 Killingworth, CT Retired
Mary Margaret Hollstein, BCI '71 -Southington, CT- Retired
Joshua Holcombe, Tpr '07 -- Active
Otto Hollstein, TFC '70-2 Davenport, FL Retired
Edward Hopping, TFC '90 -- Active
Dale Hourigan, Maj. '84 -- Active
Bob Hull, Lt. '62 Somers, CT Retired
Fred Hunter, TFC '61 West Haven, CT & Deltona, FL Retired
Aaron Huntsman, TFC '95 -- Active
Dave Hutchinson, Det. '66 Windsor Locks, CT  Deceased
Butch Hyatt, LTC. '87 -- Active
Vincent Imbimbo, Det '94 -- Active
Sam Izzarelli, TFC '65 St. Pete, FL Retired
Sam Izzarelli, Det. '87 -- Active
James Jabbour, Det. 96th TT Boston, MA Retired
John Jacewicz, Maj. '71 Naples FL Retired
Michael Jagoda, Sgt '93 -- Active
Richard Jelenik, TFC '70-2 Oxford, CT Deceased
Gerard Johansen, Tpr. '00 -- Active
Eric Johnson, Tpr. '87 Lancaster, NH Former
Gudrun Johnson, Tpr. '95 -- Active
Joe Johnson, Sgt. '68 Pomfret, CT Retired
Oscar Johnson, TFC '86 -- Active
Paul Johnson, Det. '67 Ormond Beach, FL Retired
Tom Johnson, Sgt. '66 Ellenton, FL Retired
Anthony Kalkus, Lt. '63 Fairfax, Va. Retired
John Kamens, TFC '67 Bangkok, Thailand Retired
Ron Kamens, TFC '67 Goshen, CT Retired
Thomas Karanda, TFC '87 -- Active
Edward Kasche, Lt. '73 Somers, CT Retired
Jeff Keegan, TFC '87 -- Active
Joel Kelly, Tpr. '62 Mystic CT Former
Ken Kelly, Sgt. '87 -- Active
Stephen Kelly, BIA/DMV '78 Newington, CT Retired
Peter Kennedy, Sgt. '87 -- Active
Gregory Kenney, Sgt. '90 -- Active
Thomas Kenney, Lt. '61 Jensen Beach, FL Retired
Tom Kerrigan, TFC '80 Granby CT Retired
Bill Kewer, SGT '90 -- Active
Carol Kiley, Disp '76 -- Retired
Janice Kmetz, Insp (Div Crim Justice) '94 Deep River, CT Retired
Thomas Kollar, TFC '86 Stonington CT Retired
John Kolosky, Sgt. '75 Southington, CT Retired
William Konieczny, Sgt. '78 Willington, CT Retired
Jan Korab, Sgt. '63 San Benito, TX Retired
Alfred Kosloffsky, Sgt. '50 Castleton, VT; Retired
Michael Kowal, Tpr. '01 -- Active
Pat Kowtko, TFC '68 Salisbury, CT Retired
Timothy Kradas, TFC '84 -- Active
Joseph Krajewski, Tpr. '60 Floral City, FL Retired
Jeffrey Krause, TFC '82 -- Active
Sean Krauss, Tpr. '93 -- Active
Paul Krisavage, Cpt. '74 Prospect, CT Retired
Albert Kruzshak, Det. '52 Weston, CT Deceased
John Kucan Jr. TFC '87 Wilmington, NC Retired
Susan Kumro, MSgt. '81? Salem, CT Retired
Louis Lacaprucia, Lt. '74 Union, CT Retired
Marc Lamberty, TFC '95 -- Active
Doug Lancelot, TFC '70-2 Tolland, CT Retired
Martin Lane, Lt. '86 Salem, CT Retired
Craig Larson, Sgt '82 -- Active
John Larson, TFC '66 Portland, CT Retired
Joe Lavin, MSgt '76 Oakdale, CT Retired
Mark Leahy, Capt. '76 Northborough, MA Retired
Ed Leonard, Col. '53 Brewster, MA Retired
John Leone, Sgt. '74 Southington, CT Retired
Richard LeVine, Lt. '66 Tampa, FL Retired
Charles Levy, Lt. '72 Valrico, FL Retired
Dan Lewis, MSgt. '80 Litchfield, CT Retired
Patricia Libby, SPW/Det. '71 Conway, NH Deceased
Richard Littell. Det. '63 Port St. Lucie, FL Retired
William Llewellyn, Sgt. '80 -- Active
Jules Lloyd, Det. '69 Southington, CT Retired
Jim LoCascio, Sgt. '70-2 Cape Coral, FL Retired
Jerry Longo, Sgt. '82 S. Windsor, CT Retired
Nick Longo, TFC '68 Spring Hill, FL Deceased
William Longo, Sgt. (Dad) '56 Litchfield, CT Retired
William Longo, Sgt. (Son) '76 Litchfield, CT Retired
William Lopez, CIV '77 Wethersfield, CT Former
Bill Lucas, Sgt. '66 Fountain Hills, AZ Retired
Tom Lumb, Lt '85 Thompson, CT Retired
Paul Lussier, TFC '68 Lakeland, FL Retired
Paul Lussier, Sgt. '90 -- Active
Sid Luther, Sgt. 90th Taftville, CT Retired
Gerald Luty, TFC '72 Norwich, CT Retired
James Lynch, Sgt. '94 -- Active
Clifford M'Sadoques, CPT '80 Killingworth, CT Retired
Steve Madden, SGT '85 -- Active
John Magee, TFC '66 Uncasville, CT Retired
Bob Maguder, Sgt. '74 Hernando, FL Retired
Sandra Brown Maisano, Tpr. '84 -- Active
Jan Majkut, Tpr. '69 Punta Gorda, FL Deceased
Paul Mallon, Det. '65 Norwich, CT Deceased
John Mandanici, Tpr. '67 Huntington, CT Former
John Mannion, Lt. '79 Guilford, CT Retired
Bill Marchand, Sgt. '74 New Hartford, CT Retired
Pete Marcucio, TFC '91? -- Retired
Paul Marquard, Tpr. '69 Rainsville, AL Deceased
Julie Martin, Det. '86 Higganum, CT Retired
Frank Martin, TFC '69 Milford, CT Retired
Paul Martin, TFC '70-2 Pomfret, CT Retired
Brian Martini, TFC '98 -- Active
Mike Marzec, Sgt. '79 Scottsdale, AZ Retired
Robert Maslan, Sgt. '74 Norwalk, CT Former
Dan Massey, Jr.- Disp. '00 -- Active
Al Maynard, Sgt. '73 Port St. Lucie, FL Retired
Jeffrey Maynard, Sgt. '76 N. Franklin, CT Retired
Henry Maynard, Sgt. '66 Norwich, CT Retired
Ryan Maynard, Tpr. '10 -- Active
Joseph Mazza, TFC '74 Inverness, FL Retired
Jeff Mazzetta, TFC '92 Middlefield, CT Retired
Patrick McCafferty, Det. '76 Punta Gorda, FL Retired
Bill McCasland, TFC '66 Prospect, CT Retired
Joseph McCusker, Sgt '94 -- Active
Rich McDaniel, Tpr. '97 -- Active
Hal McDermott, Det. '74 Plantsville, CT Retired
J.J. McDonnell, Tpr. '60 Ft. Pierce, FL Deceased
Bill McDowell, Lt.(Corrections) '70 Oakdale, CT Retired
John McGoldrick, Cpt. '72 Meriden, CT Retired
Brian McGran, TFC '93 Middletown, CT Retired
Jerry McGuire, TFC '72 Watertown, CT Retired
Jay McGuire, Sgt. '87 Trumbull, CT Retired
Thomas McInerney, Det. '73 The Villages, FL Retired
Charles McIntyre, Lt '70-2 Bristol, CT Retired
John McLeod, Tpr. '61 Torrington, CT Retired
Thomas McMullen, Det. '61 Nokomis, FL  Retired
Adam McOmber, Tpr. '07 -- Active
Christopher McWilliams, Tpr. '95 -- Active
Jim Meehan, Det. '75 Arlington, TX Retired
John Meeker, TFC '70-2 Washington Depot, CT Retired
Art Meister, Tpr. '68 Essex, CT- Former
Edwin Melvin, Det. '72 Oakdale, CT Retired
Walter Melfi, Sgt. '89 -- Active
Scott Menard, Tpr. '00 -- Active
Brian Meraviglia, Col. '87 -- Active
Sal Merenda, Tpr. '79 Springfield, MA Former
Wilfredo Mercado, Sgt. '87 Jacksonville NC Retired
David Mich, TFC '77 Meriden, CT Retired
Fred Miller, Sgt '62 Silver City, NM Deceased
James Miller, TFC '70-2 Salem, CT Retired
Joe Miller, TFC 96th Voluntown, CT Retired
Peter Miller, Det. '72 Huntington, CT Retired
Steven Miller, TFC '87 Jupiter, FL Retired
James Miner, Det. '70-2 N. Franklin, CT Retired
Kevin Mingo, Sgt. '94 -- Active
David Misenti, Tpr. '07 -- Active
Jim Mitchell, TFC '70-2 Palm Gardens, FL Retired
Orlando Mo, Det. '82 -- Active
David Montini, SGT '98 -- Active
Jim Mooney, Cpt. '66 Newtown, CT Deceased
George Moore, LtCol. '66 Meriden, CT Deceased
Kevin Moore, Tpr '04 -- Active
Tom Moore, MSgt. '68 Stratford, CT  Retired
Joseph Morelli, TFC '93 -- Active
Roger Morgan, Sgt. '61 Madison, CT Deceased
Ray Morse, Lt. '63 Ivoryton, CT Deceased
Paul Michael Mounts, Tech. - -- Active
Clifford M'Sadoques, Cpt. '80 Clinton, CT Retired
John Mucherino, Sgt. '70/2 Oxford, CT Retired
Mike Muggeo, Sgt. '57 Beacon Falls, CT Retired
John Mulligan, LTC '65 Stuart, FL/Old Saybrook, CT Retired
Eric Murray, Lt. '97 -- Active
Rick Murray, Tpr. '97 -- Active
Tom Murray, Sgt. '93 North Haven, CT Retired
Roger Naldi Sr., TFC '67 Kensington, CT Retired
Ron Nanfito, TFC '74 Haddam, CT Retired
Jim Nardella, Sgt. '63 Colchester, CT Retired
Bob Nattrass, Sgt. '72 Kensington, CT Retired
Norman Nault, Sgt. '88 Bradenton, FL Retired
Jimi Nealy Jr, TFC '87 -- Retired
Robert Neerman, TFC '72 - Retired
Walter Nieliwocki, Sgt. '66 Somers, CT Retired
Robert Nielsen, TFC. '70-2 Florida Retired
John Niezelski, Det. '70-2 Florida Retired
Mike Nockunas, MSgt. '79 Worcester, MA Retired
Terence Nolan, TFC '70-2 Naugatuck, CT Retired
Leslie Norcia, Tpr. '80 -- Active
Tom O'Connor, Sgt. '66 Sedgewick, ME Deceased
Bob Offen, Lt. '68 Mystic, CT Deceased
John O'Leary, Sgt. '80 Stratford, CT Retired
Michael O'Leary, TFC '93 Berlin, CT Retired
Patricia O'Leary, SPW '67 Ormond Beach, FL Retired
Nicholas Olivieri, TFC '65 New Haven, CT Retired
Chris Olsen, TFC '89 Old Saybrook, CT Retired
Scott O'Mara, MSgt. '73 Goshen, CT Retired
Joe Osga, TFC '66 Pensacola, FL Retired
James O'Rourke, Tpr. '94 -- Active
Robert O'Shaughnessy, Cpt. '67 Mystic, CT Retired
Roland Ouellette, Lt. '64 Stoddard, NH Retired
Robert Osterhoudt, Tpr. '59 Homosassa, FL Deceased
Robert Pabst, Tpr. '66 Woodbury, CT Former
Larry Pagan, Sgt. '79 Groton Long Pt, CT Retired
Ben Pagoni, Lt. '76 -- Active
William Pagoni, Lt. '82 Marco Island, FL Retired
David Pandiscia, Tpr. '97 -- Active
Alan Pease, Tpr. '63 Niantic, CT Former
Dean Peluso, DET '01 -- Active
Edward Peshka, Tpr. '99 -- Active
Joseph Pedevillano, TFC '87 Papillion, NV Retired
Curt Peircey, TFC '64 Burlington, CT Retired
Jerry Pennington Jr, Sgt. '77 -- Active
David Pereira, TFC '92 -- Active
Joe Perkins, Sgt. '68 Niantic, CT Retired
Richard Perron, TFC '86 Stonington CT Retired
Gary Perry, TFC '92 -- Active
Jody Perry, Tpr. '94 Ft. Wayne, IN (Disability)
Steve Peruta, TFC '70 Farmington, CT Deceased
Edward Peshka, Tpr. '99 -- Active
Robert Peterson, TFC '82 Hubbardsville, NY Deceased
John Petrowski, Sgt. '65 Cape Cod, MA Deceased
Walt Petruniw, Lt. '84 -- Active
Paul Phenix, Sgt. '66 Melbourne, FL Former
Ned Pickett, TFC '74 Uncasville, CT Retired
Philip Pilletere, TFC '92 -- Active
David Phipps, TFC '74 Bridgewater, CT Retired
Thomas Piezzo, Tpr. '57 Plainfield, CT Former
Paul Poissant, Det. '80 Tyler, TX Retired
Greg Post, TFC '85 Baird, TX Retired
Jeremy Powell, TFC '93 Ellington, CT Retired
Shawn Prusinowski, Tpr. '01 -- Active
Raymond Pyka, Sgt. '72 Clermont, FL Retired
Joe Quartiero, Det. '66 Torrington, CT Retired
Kevin Rafferty, Tpr. '94  Troop A, Southbury Active
John Ragazzi, TFC '72 Stuart, FL Deceased
Dick Rainville, Inspector (SA) '66 Salem, CT Retired
Orlando "Lonnie" Ramirez, TFC '74 Peneulas PR Retired
Wilson Ramirez, Sgt. '87 New Milford, CT Retired
David Ranniko '86 E.Hampton, MA (Disability)
Tom Ray, Inspector, (FM) -- Dayville, CT (Disability)
Robert Rasmussen, Lt. '54 Groton, CT Retired
Tim Reardon, Sgt. '79 Branford, CT Former
Andrew Rebmann, TFC '70-2 Kent, WA Retired
Henry Renfrew, TFC '76 Wallingford, CT Deceased
Michael Reidy, TFC '94 -- Active
James Reilly, Lt. '71 Sandy Hook, CT Retired
Louie Reyes, Tpr. '01 -- Active
David Rice, Cpt '90 Middlebury, CT Retired
Don Rich, TFC '66 Mystic, CT Retired
Howard Rich, Sgt. '76 Torrington, CT Retired
John Rich, Lt. '88 -- Active
Wayne Rioux, Lt. '77 Whitefield, NH Retired
Rich Rizzuti, Lt '72 Woodbridge, CT Deceased
Ed Roach, Det. '87 --, CT Retired
Jim Roach, Sgt. '72 Middlebury, CT Retired
Ron Robbins, TFC '79 N. Stonington, CT Retired
Marshall Robinson, Det. '65 Cheshire, CT Retired
David Rochavansky, TFC '66 Kent, CT Retired
William Rochette, TFC '66 -- Active
Kevin Rodino, Sgt.. '82 Preston, CT Retired
John Rofsky, Det. '73 Harwich, MA Deceased
James Rogers, Det. '70-2 Orange Park, FL Retired
Jeffrey Rogers, Tpr. '01 -- Active
Andre Roget, Sgt. '76 Las Vegas, NV Retired
Robert Root, LtCol '63 Mystic, CT Deceased
Robert Rosen, Sgt. '66 The Villages, FL Retired
Robert Ross, TFC '65 East Haven, CT Deceased
Steven Roy, TFC '90 Enfield, CT Retired
Ronald Ruel, Det. '74 Somers, CT Retired
Mike Ruffino, Sgt. '68 Old Lyme, CT Retired
Joseph Russo, TFC '94 Parrish, FL Retired
Mike Rutkowski, TFC '67 Prospect, CT Deceased
John Saari, Sgt. '74 Stonington, CT Retired
Sarah Salerno, DET. '04 -- Active
Steven Salvatore, Lt. '82 -- Active
James Salzano, Lt. '75 -- Active
Paul Samuels, Cpt. '79 Meriden, CT Retired
Jamie Sanders, Tpr. '02 -- Active
Howard Sanger, Sgt. '64 Ft. Myers, FL Deceased
John Saucier, Tpr. '01 -- Active
Mike Savino, Det. '68 Punta Gorda, FL Retired
Vito Savino, Sgt. '84 -- Retired
Paul Scannell, Lt. '74 Ellington, CT Retired
Joe Schaedler, Sgt. '77 East Hampton CT Retired
Anthony Schirillo, MSgt. '84 -- Active
Julie Schmitz, Dispatcher - Ledyard, CT Retired
Walter Scholtz, LTC '62-1 Tolland, CT  Retired
Carl Schultz, CPT '82 -- Active
Jonathan Schweitzer, Lt. '70-2 East Lyme, CT  Retired
Aldo Scoffone, Sgt. '74 Meriden, CT Retired
Richard Sealander, Lt. '66 Somers, CT Retired
Tom Seeley, Lt. '70-2 Carson City, NV Retired
Daniel Semosky, Sgt. '87 -- Active
Jeffrey Schaefer, Det. '89 -- Active
Christopher Sharland, TFC '93 -- Active
William Shemansky Sgt. '74 Union, CT Retired
William Shewbridge, Det. '88 -- Active
Tom Shia, Sgt. '77 Reston, VA Retired
Ray Shove, TFC '75 Surprise, AZ Deceased
Matthew Siart, Tpr. '07 -- Active
Don Simmons, Sgt. '?? Sun Lakes, AZ Retired
Stacey Simmons, Tpr. '88 Wilton Manor, FL Former
Joe Skibek, Sgt. '85 -- Active
Dan Sliby, Tpr. '99 -- Active K9
Michael Smarz, TFC. '74 Southbury, CT Retired
Chris Smedick, Disp. '76 Windsor Locks, CT Deceased
Bill Smith, TFC '78 Polk City, FL Retired
Eileen Smith, Civ '82 Willington, CT Retired
Greg Smith, TFC '00 -- Active
Howard Smith, TFC '76 Haddam, CT Retired
Michael Smith, TFC '82 Enfield, CT Retired
Richard Smith, Tpr. '65 West Haven, CT Retired
Jack Snow, Sgt. '72 Watertown, CT Retired
Stephen Snow, TFC '87 Enfield, CT Retired
Tom Snyder, Capt. '76 Canterbury, CT Retired
Karl Sobieski, Det. '75 Tolland, CT Retired
Gus Sonnenberg, Det. '65 Boca Raton, FL Retired
Dorothy Souza, Disp. '87 -- Active
Tom Sparkman, Tpr. '73 CT Former
Mike Spellman, Lt. '87 -- Retired
Ed Stanton, TFC '64 Daytona Beach, FL Retired
Bernard Steadman, Lt. '66 Stonington, CT Retired
Walter Stecko, LtCol. '47 Dayville, CT Deceased
Mike Stergio, Lt. '70-2 Salem, CT Retired
Rick Stevens, Sgt. '85 Portland, CT Deceased
J P Stevens, Disp. '99 -- Active
Blake Stine, Sgt. '89 Shelton, CT Retired
James Stuyniski, Sgt. '68 Brooklyn, CT Retired
Chris Sudock, TFC '86 -- Active
Eugene Sullivan, Capt. '70-2 Norwich, CT Retired
Brian Sumner, Tpr. '07  -- Active
Terry Sumner, Sgt. '74  Griswold, CT Retired
Corey Sutherland, TFC '01 -- Active
Patrick Sweeney, Sgt. '99 -- Active
Jim Sweetman, Capt. '82 Madison, CT Retired
Bill Sydenham, Lt. '63 Mystic, CT Retired
John Szamocki, Sgt. '87 -- Active
Dawn Taylor, TPR. '96 -- Active
Don Taylor, Det. '67 Southbury, CT Retired
Daniel Telychka, Det. '70-2 Wimauma, FL Retired
Peter Terenzi, LTC '85 Deep River, CT Retired
Gene Terry, Sgt. '60 Sun City Center, FL Retired
Mark Testoni, Tpr. '93 -- Active
James Thomas, Sgt. '87 -- Active
Michael Thomas, Cpt. '92 -- Active
D.J. Thompson, Det. '82 -- Active
John Thompson, Sgt. '95 -- Active
James Tilley, TFC '82  -- Active
Robert Tolomeo, CPT. '77 Melbourne, FL (Winter) Retired
William Tomlin Sr., Tpr. '52? Plainville, CT Deceased
Robert Tomlinson, Sgt. '67 New Preston, CT Retired
Patrick Torneo, Lt. '01 -- Active
Ruth Garby Torres, Det. '90 -- Active
Angelo Tosi, Msgt. '65 Northford, CT Retired
Stan Tranquillo, TFC '67 Litchfield, CT Retired
Richard Turcotte, Lt. (Corrections) '63 Apache Junction, AZ Retired
Jim Turner, MSgt. '76 The Villages, FL Retired
Bonnie Tuskowski, TFC '82 Shelton, CT Retired
Jeff Twohill, Det '87 Madison, CT Retired
Dan Twomey, TFC '68 South Windsor, CT Retired
Matt Tyszka, LTC. '73 Collinsville, CT Retired
Peter Valentin, Tpr. '01 -- Active
Nick Valerio, Sgt. '60 Hobe Sound, FL Retired
Paul Vance, Lt. '74 -- Active
Charles VanDerscoff, TFC '69 Satellite Beach, FL Retired
Izzy Velazquez, Sgt. '72 Orlando FL Retired
Mark Verillo, Det. '76 Georgetown, UT Retired
Carmine Verno, Tpr. '94 -- Active
Joseph Versteeg, Sgt. '76 Torrington, CT Retired
Carlos Vinhais, Tpr. '94 -- Active
B. Karen Volkmar, "E" Head Clerk. '83 Niantic, CT Retired
Jim Vones, Tpr. '70-2 Lakeville, PA Former
Peter Wack, Lt. '90 East Sandwich, MA Retired
William Wadsworth, Sgt. '61 Lebanon, CT Deceased
David Wagner, Sgt. '87 -- Active
Charles Walker, Sgt. '57 Moosup, CT Retired
Mark Wallack, TFC '82 Camden, ME Retired
Rich Walsh, TFC '77 Bolton, CT Retired
Richard Wardell, Sgt. '76 Guilford, CT Retired
Janice Warkoski, DET '92 -- Active
Norm Waterbury, TFC '82 Cape May, NJ Retired
Ray Watrous, Lt. '68 Williamsburg, VA Retired
Jack Watson, LTC. '62 Pawley's Island, SC Retired
Bob Welch, Cpt. '66-1 Mystic, CT Retired
Irene Welch, Sgt. '70-1 Mystic, CT Deceased
David Werner, Lt. '67 Norfolk, CT Retired
Joel West, TFC '68 Ellington, CT Retired
Thomas West, TFC '70-2 Uncasville, CT Retired
James Whelan, Sgt. '65 Orange, CT Deceased
Jim White, Det. '62 Naugatuck, CT Retired
Lenny Widener, Tpr. '94 -- Active
Mark Wiener, Det. '98 -- Active
Julia Wilcoxson, Disp. '93 -- Active
Les (Capt) & Elaine Williams '62 (Les) Old Lyme, CT Retired
George Williams, TFC '70-2 Lisbon, CT Retired
Alan Williamson, Sgt. '58 Woodbury, CT Retired
Kenneth Wilson, TFC '75 Port St. Lucie, FL Retired
Woody Wilson, Dispatcher - Voluntown, CT Deceased
Conrad Winalski, TFC 97th TT -- Active
David Winslow, Tpr. '60 Jacksonville, AL Retired
Scott Wisner, TFC '92 -- Active
Alan Witkin, Lt. '66 S. Windsor, CT Retired
Theodore Wojtusik, TFC '74 Naples FL/Farmington CT Retired
James Wolfe, Det. '76 Stephens City, VA Retired
Michael Woodson, CPT '77 Enfield, CT Deceased
Michael Wynn, TFC '82 Stratford, CT Retired
Al Zablaitis, Tpr. '57 Rocky Hill, CT Deceased
James Zaepfel Sr. - Sgt. '57 Bristol, CT Deceased
Gregory Zordan, TPR. '07 -- Active


Christopher Adams '84 Westerly, RI Former
Matthew Baldesseri '81 E. Canaan, CT  Former
Thomas Benson '83 East Haven, CT Active
William Bertelli --- Stratford, CT Active
Mark Bourgeois '86 Manchester, CT -
Eleanor Bruce '84 Norwich, CT  Former
Robert Buchenholz '87 - -
Harold Carter '88 Winsted, CT Active
Richard Cicero '79 Suffield, CT Inactive
Robert Corcoran '67 Pembroke Pines, FL Former
Walter Dambowsky '72 Naugatuck, CT Active
Robert Dillon '83 Lebanon, ME Former
John Duca '87 Uncasville, CT Former
John Ferrante '91 Boxford, MA Former
Linda Hunter '88 Waterford, CT Former
Charles Jansen '60 Sharon, CT Former
Preston Harper '88 Avon, CT Active
Carl Johnson '79 Danbury, CT Active
Peter Judd '64 ---, ME Former
David Kent '84 San Carlos, CA Former
Carmen McKinney '72 Ft Myers FL Former
James Merrithew '74 Guilford, CT Former
Jon Mullen '72 Sudbury, MA -
Michael Naum '88 Woodstock, CT Former
Steve Netkin '88 The Villages, FL Former
Richard Numrych '85 Somers, CT Deceased
Donna Ploss '84 Ecorse, MI Former
Brion Pollack '78 Salt Lake City, UT Former
Bob Prouty --- S. Windsor, CT Active
Lawrence Santora '76 Fairfield, CT Former
Charles Sedlacek '86 Manchester, CT -
Richard Simonelli '72 North Haven, CT -
Daryl Stanley '73 Roosevelt, TX Former
Michael Suntava '77 Cheshire, CT -
Charles Sweet '70 Clinton, CT -
Marc Thurston '85 Manchester, CT Former
Brooks Titcomb '76 Woodbury, CT Former
Dennis Togninalli '74 Sharon, CT Active
Lee Tsouris '79 Fairfield, CT Active
Art Vogel '71 Fabyan, CT  Active/Aux
BobWalsh '72 E. Hartford, CT  Active
Randall Walauskas-Thorne '73 Anchorage, AK Former
Jon Watts '83 Ellington, CT Active
Larry Weir '80 Mifflinburg, PA Former
Mark White '87 Norwich, CT Active
Larry Wuensch '72 New London, CT Former
Leon Zonder '54 New Haven, CT Former