CSP Motor Class October 2010


Monday, October 18: The first day for this CSP Motor Training class. Officers from CSP, New Britain, Westport, New Haven, Stamford and UConn participated.
Attending students have all participated in and successfully completed an earlier pre-training assessment during which they are coached in some basic patterns and are then required to demonstrate sufficient skill to continue. Now they continue to build on those skills and training progresses at a rapid pace.

Tuesday, October 19: Day 2 of CSP Motor Training class
Friday, October 22: Day #5 and Test Day!
At the end of the first week students have practiced numerous cone patterns, each building on the skills learned in the earlier exercises until they can repeatedly negotiate them without hitting a cone, putting a foot down, or dropping the bike. At least that's the plan. Now they are tested on their skills, and those who fail, go home.
The pressure is on.
Monday, October 25: Week Two
Time to pick up the speed. No wide turns now. The students train to complete a full course with a time limit. Each mistake is penalized in seconds. Successful completion requires crisp, precise riding. All the skills gained in the first week must be put to use here.
Tuesday, October 26: Test Day #2
Students have perfected their higher speed work, and must now demonstrate their ability to negotiate the course within the prescribed time limits. Remedial training is provided for those who experience difficulty, but ultimately they must succeed to remain in the class.
Wednesday, October 27: And then there were seven.
Test day #2 resulted in some losses. Those who did not make the grade are always invited back for another class. It is important to note that the testing process offers students every opportunity to pass. Those who experience difficulty are provided with remedial training and assistance. Instructors make every possible effort to bring the student to proficiency. Only when every option has been exhausted is a student removed, in order to allow the rest of the class to remain on pace and to avoid any compromise to safety.
Wednesday the class works on Night Pursuits. Darkness adds a whole new dimension to the training.
Thursday, October 28: Crowd control and interference.
Most pattern work is now over. Trainees learn to ride in close formation and to use the motors in crowd control situations. They also navigate cone patterns while learning how to deal with all types of interference to them and to their riding. Staying upright on two wheels can be a challenge here, and the class must overcome the problems.
Friday, October 29: End of Week Two
Trainees engage armed assailants from the motors. Very little cover is available to a motor officer, and this exercise demonstrates how to effectively use the motor for cover and to engage targets effectively in numerous situations. Training in controlled falls follows off campus on softer ground. These are a last-ditch option for the motor officer in some situations.
Monday, November 1: Week Three Begins
The class now has firm grasp of the basic skills they have worked so hard on, and they spend increased time off campus experiencing important training in pursuit and road safety. On this day the class travels to the Consumers Union Test Track to participate in traffic stops and pursuit techniques over all types of road surfaces. The use of the huge closed circuit permits the class to safely practice high-speed manuevers and perfect their riding skills.
Friday, November 5: GRADUATION!
Seven new motor officers are ready to hit the street after three weeks of intensive, thorough training. The CSP Instructors: TFC Brian Becker, TFC Jeff Jalbert, TFC Walt Green, and South Windsor PD Officer Matt Mainieri have refined this Police Motor Training Course to a highly effective, professional training curriculum and these graduating officers are testiment to their efforts. The finished product is a capable, skilled and safe Motor Officer who possesses all the training and ability needed to be an effective asset to his agency.
Participating agency tank art
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